How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller


Do you have a Baby Trend stroller or are thinking of buying one?

Are you looking for instructions on how to fold a Baby Trend stroller?

Have you ever felt that folding and opening baby strollers can be a challenge?

As a parent or caregiver, one thing that can make life really tough is using a stroller that won’t fold or open easily. And if this is something that you want to save yourself from, then we can help you get some very clear idea on how you can fold the Baby Trend stroller.

Using a stroller is one of those things that you will most likely be doing on an extensive level. This is why it is so important to make sure that the stroller that you are using is perfectly suited for your needs, and is also easy to fold and unfold. If you are searching for more information about the Baby Trend strollers, this article is just meant for you.

Today we share information on not just the stroller, but also on the brand and the company behind these strollers. We also talk about why this brand could be a good choice for you to consider if you are thinking of buying a baby stroller, as well as talk about a few of the wonderful features that you get to use with this stroller. In addition, we will also help you out with detailed step by step instructions that will help you fold a Baby Trend stroller with ease, so make sure you read through the article.

Is a Baby Trend stroller easy to use?

Yes, the Baby Trend strollers are very easy to use as well as very easy to fold. Even though their models come with different closing and opening techniques, they mostly use the one button or one hand fold technique, which is very easy to operate.

How To Fold A Baby Trend Stroller (QUICK & EASY Step-By-Step)

1. How to fold the Baby Trend Tri Fold Mini Stroller

  • 1
    Start by pushing the foot rest all the way down.
  • 2
    Hold the button located in the middle of the handlebar and push it towards you.
  • 3
    Just push the stroller forward and it will close.

2. How to fold the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

  • 1
    To fold this stroller, you will first have to hold the red buttons on both the sides of the handlebar. You first have to press it and unlatch the buttons, and then push it upwards towards you.
  • 2
    When you do that, at the same time you also have to start pulling the stroller towards you. As you do so, the stroller will start to fold up and will close easily.
  • 3
    Once it collapses or is folded up, you can easily balance it on its wheels or store it away neatly.

3. How to fold the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller

  • 1
    This double stroller has a one button one hand fold technique that makes it especially easy to close and open.
  • 2
    If you want to fold this Baby Trend stroller, you first have to press the button that is placed in the middle area of the handle bar. You have to give it a twist and at the same time start pushing the stroller towards the outer side.
  • 3
    As you do so, the stroller will start to fold up on its own.
  • 4
    You can also hold the front of the stroller with your other hand and bring it together to collapse and fold the stroller fully.

4. How to fold the Baby Trend Expedition ELX stroller

  • 1
    To fold this stroller, you have to push the button in the middle of the handlebar, and at the same time hold the stroller in the front area.
  • 2
    Use both your hands to fold in the stroller as it starts to collapse.

What sets Baby Trend stroller apart from the rest? (3 BEST FEATURES)

If you are thinking of buying a Baby Trend stroller to carry the little one in and about, here are three more really amazing features that you can look forward to avail of, when you use the stroller from this brand:

1. Special wheels for better grip 

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

Unlike most other baby strollers, some of their strollers use actual bicycle wheels that make it really easy for you to move the stroller  on almost any type of surface. This is especially great if you are looking forward to walk or jog along as you take the little one in the baby stroller.

2. Keep or remove the tray

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth

You may sometimes need the child tray while sometimes you don’t need it at all, and this stroller allows you to remove or add back the tray as and when required .

3. Can work for both the kids

Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom

If you have an older child at home, say a toddler, and are looking for a stroller that you can use for the younger one , you can use something from this brand that can help you carry both the kids at the same time. Their revolutionary Sit N Stand stroller lets the younger baby sit and the older one stand on the stroller, at the same time.

Who is Baby Trend?

  • The Baby Trend strollers are manufactured by a brand that is also known as Baby Trend.
  • The brand has been around for more than 30 years now and in addition to making baby strollers, it also makes car seats, feeding accessories, nursery equipment such as baby cots, baby bath tubs, baby gear and activity items and more.
  • One of the main goals of the Baby Trend brand is to provide parents and caregivers with baby related items that are safe and trendy, but come at an affordable price.
  • Baby Trend was the first company that created the Snap N Go stroller as well as the Sit N Stand stroller, which went on to win various awards.
  • They also invented the Diaper Champ that did not require any expensive refills.
  • Their infant car seats are also some of the best that are available in the market
    and have won various awards for their safety, comfort and ease of use.

What makes Baby Trend a great brand to consider for strollers?

Here are a few reasons that could make Baby Trend a great brand that you should consider, especially as you are looking specifically for items for your little one, such as strollers and more:

  • They have a wide range of products available that can be used right from the time the baby is born till the time the baby is a toddler.
  • The brand has won numerous awards for their products, which make them safe and good for modern day use.
  • The products from Baby Trend come with innovative designs that make it easy to adapt in a growing family. For instance, their Sit N Stand stroller, which was the first of its kind and was developed by the brand, allows for a young baby to sit in the stroller, while an older toddler can stand at the same time and travel in the stroller.


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