How To Fold BOB Jogging Stroller


Do you have a new BOB Jogging stroller you are going to start using soon?

Are you looking for instructions on how to fold and use a BOB Jogging stroller, or perhaps, are you planning to buy one, but before that want to know more about its features so that you can understand whether or not it will suit your requirements or not.

If you have a little baby to take care of, whether as a parent or a caregiver, using a stroller can be quite a necessity. And having the right one means you actually find it convenient to use the stroller and also manage your little one in the best possible way. While there are many strollers out there that could be perfect for your little one, today we are talking about the BOB brand of strollers. We talk about whether it is a brand that you can rely on as well as what are some of the best features of the strollers that users seem to love. In addition to that, we also share with you detailed and very easy to understand step by step instructions that will help you fold the BOB Jogging stroller, and we also give you a quick comparison of whether or not these strollers are easier to fold as compared to the other brands that are available in the market.  

How do you fold a BOB jogging stroller? (QUICK & EASY STEPS)

Here are a few easy to understand and easy to follow step by step instructions that will make it easier for you to fold the stroller when not in use:

  • 1
    The first step that you have to do before you can fold up the BOB Jogging stroller is to raise up the raise up the handlebars. To do this, you will have to hold the buttons on both sides of the handlebars using both your hands and fold up the handlebar in an upward tilt direction.
  • 2
    Once that is done, you will hear a clicking sound, which means that the handlebars are up and are locked in place.
  • 3
    The next step is to put on the parking brakes so that the stroller stays in place and does not roll ahead while you try to fold it.
  • 4
    For this step, you have to first place your foot on the foot pedal which is placed on the bottom of the back part of the stroller. Once you step down with your foot on the pedal, the brakes will lock the stroller in place.
  • 5
    When the stroller is locked, you have to hold the handlebars with both hands, touch the buttons on the side and give it a twist to the front side. Doing so will help to fold in the stroller. It will also fold the seat and make the stroller compact.
  • 6
    Once the stroller is folded, you will notice a strap kind of attachment, which is red in colour, at the middle outer area of the stroller.
  • 7
    You then have to hold this and give it a strong tug.
  • 8
    Next, you will have to place the stroller completely on the floor, and bring together the different straps and buckles that you see.
  • 9
    You will need to find the red buckles that you can then connect together.
  • 10
    With each lock that secures the buckles in place, you will hear a clicking sound that will let you know if or not the buckles are actually locked in properly.

What does B.O.B. mean? 

You may have heard of the name B.O.B in terms of baby gear, but did you know that the name B.O.B. is actually a short form of Beast of Burden?

how to fold bob jogging stroller
  • In addition to making the popular BOB Jogging strollers, the company also makes infant car seats, accessories, travel systems and more.
  • The original name of this company was Beast of Burden, but it was thought that saying out the full name of the brand would prove to be a difficult choice for a lot of the consumers, and this could in some way hamper the growth of the brand.
  • To make it easier for the California based brand, the name was then shortened to B.O.B. which came out to be funnier, easy to remember and simple to say.

Is B.O.B. a trusted brand in strollers and baby travel systems? 

B.O.B has been a trusted brand in the field of baby travel systems and strollers and the brand has been around for more than 20 years now, helping parents and caregivers take better care of their little ones and helping them move around with their little ones in a more caring and safe way.

3 Awesome Things About BOB Strollers:

Based on the reviews of what the real users say about the BOB brand of strollers, here are 3 of the most awesome things that you can look forward to enjoy in your experience of moving around with baby:

fold bob jogging stroller

1. Sturdy build and retains its shape: 

One of the things that a lot of users have to say about the BOB brand of baby strollers is that the item is made in such a sturdy way  that it goes through all the wear and tear without any damage to it. In fact, most parents claim to use it for more than one child.

2. The seat is easy to clean: 

The seat of the stroller is of very soft padded material  and is very easy to clean and maintain, which helps to keep it hygienic to put the baby in.

3. Slides super soft on all types of roads:

True to its name, parents or caregivers also feel that this stroller is the perfect to carry your baby  along for your walks or jogs, as it moves very softly on all types of roads, including gravel roads. It keeps your baby comfortable while allowing you to continue with your walk or jog.

Is this stroller easier to fold and unfold compared to other strollers on the market?

how to use a stroller

There may be a lot of great features that the BOB Jogging stroller has, but the ease of folding up this stroller is definitely not one of those features. If you compare this stroller to a lot of the other very popular brands that are available in the market, and if you look at the steps that are used to fold or open the stroller, you will find that this stroller is not very convenient to use. The biggest reason here is that today, most of the top strollers come with a one hand fold technique, whereas closing this one is quite a task. However, if you are planning to not close it much and will be using it on a more regular basis, you can keep it open and ready to use most of the time, making it perfect for baby’s stroll time as well as for your own walk or jog time.


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