How To Open Britax B Agile Stroller


How to Open & Close a Britax B-Agile Stroller (QUICK & EASY STEPS)

Here are some very detailed and easy to understand step by step instructions that will help you open as well as close the Britax B Agile stroller.

How to open a Britax B Agile stroller

  • 1
    The Britax B Agile stroller has a small button kind of thing on the side near the handle bars.
  • 2
    When you want to open up the stroller, you have to first hold the strap that is located on the middle part of the seat area of the stroller.
  • 3
    You then have to hold this button on the side and push it in such a way that it starts to unlatch.
  • 4
    At the same time, you will have to place your hand around the handle bar area of the stroller.
  • 5
    Now with one hand, unlatch the button on the side, and with the other, pull up the stroller towards you so that it opens up.

How to close a Britax B Agile stroller

If you look at the steps that are used to close the Britax B Agile stroller, you will notice that this stroller is much easier to close than it is to open!

  • 1
    The first thing you have to do is to unlatch the lock that is placed at the side of the stroller near the bars of the seat.
  • 2
    The stroller features a one hand pull technique that has a strap in the middle of the seat area.
  • 3
    When you want to close the stroller, all you have to do is, after unlatching the button on the side, tug at this strap and pull it upwards.
  • 4
    The stroller will easily fold up and you can then push it down to make it fold up in a more compact way.

Have you recently bought a Britax B Agile stroller and looking for some easy instructions on how to open it up and use it?

Do you want to buy a Britax B Agile stroller but are not yet sure whether or not it will be convenient for your needs, and want to know more about it?

If you are looking for any more information about this particular stroller, and especially want to find out how you have to open it, this article can help you find out all that and more. Today we will talk a little in detail about the Britax B Agile stroller and talk about some of its best features that make it such a popular choice with parents and caregivers. Not just that, we will also share with you very detailed, easy and step by step instructions on how you have to open the stroller, so that you don’t have any problems while using it at all. Not just that, we will also give you an idea of whether opening this stroller is easy or difficult and if there is something that could add to the convenience. So if this is what you are looking for, do read on.

What is the Britax B-Agile stroller? (BEST FEATURES)

The Britax B Agile stroller is made by the brand Britax, which makes various baby and toddler related products such as strollers, car seats, travel systems and more. The brand, which was originally a European brand and was launched in America in the year 1996, has been making products in child safety technology for over 70 years now.

how to open britax b agile stroller
  • In addition to making products that help parents and caregivers to safely move around with babies and toddlers, the brand also takes special care towards maintaining and improving safety.
  • Some of their best features include protection against side impact, enhanced safe seat installation techniques, improved and modern strollers that adapt better to the changing times and so on.
  • In the year 1996, Britx brought a revolutionary change in car seats when they created car seat walls that were lined with EPS foam that would also absorb the energy.
  • They followed it up in the year 2002 by creating the first ever head rest that could absorb energy and was one of the safest technological advances that was meant to improve head and neck stability.
  • Britax launched the innovative SafeCell technology in the year 2010 that provides exceptional energy absorption as well as limits movement, so that your child gets the maximum amount of protection in the event of any crash or impact. 
  • The brand introduced the ClickTight technology for car seats in the year 2013, which makes it very easy to install a car seat, as easy as buckling up a seatbelt.

What do people like most about this stroller?

With its amazing technological advances in the space of child safety, it is no surprise that parents and caregivers love using Britax products. Here are some of the reasons that people especially love about this stroller:

britax b-agile stroller manual

Very easy to latch and unlatch the buckles: 

One of the first things  that users notice about this stroller is that the buckles on the stroller are very easy to latch and unlatch.

Very spacious basket area: 

It also comes with a basket area that is quite larger  as compared to what is available with strollers from other brands. This makes it easier for users to store things while they are out with the baby.

Comes with one handed steering: 

Yet another very useful feature of this stroller  is that you can easily steer the stroller with just one hand, which is of great use when you are holding something else with the other hand.  

Features the one hand quick fold technique: 

One of the most amazing features that parents and caregivers love about the Britax B Agile stroller is that it has a one hand quick fold technique, which means that you just have to tug at a strap and the closer will fold up!  

Is it easy to use the Britax B-Agile stroller?

britax stroller won't fold

The Britax B Agile stroller no doubt has a lot of features that are very good, but if you want to compare it with other strollers that are available and want to know if they are as easy to open and close, the answer is no. As compared to the other strollers that are available today from a number of top end brands, the Britax B Agile stroller is quite difficult to open, especially as you need to use both your hands to open it from a folded position. This is one area where the brand can definitely look into to make it easier to fold up, especially for those parents or caregivers who may need to handle the baby and the stroller on their own!

However, the good thing is that while it is more difficult to open as compared to other strollers, it is very easy to close and fold up. The Britax B Agile stroller has the very advanced one hand fold technique which makes it really convenient to close the stroller even when you are moving around alone with the baby.


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