How To Open Chicco Stroller


Have you bought a Chicco stroller but are not sure how to open or fold it easily?

Are you looking for some instructions or steps that can help you open or fold up the Chicco strollers easily?

Are you having trouble with your Chicco stroller and want to find out how to open it without too much trouble?

If you are a parent or a caregiver with a young baby and are using the Chicco stroller, convenience is of essence. Chicco as a brand creates strollers that are loved by parents and caregivers especially because they are very easy to open or fold. If you are planning to use a Chicco Stroller, this article can give you a lot of helpful tips.

For instance, we tell you a little about the closing mechanism that is used in the Chicco strollers, we also talk about which are the easier ones and which are a little more difficult to operate, or whether they all use the same technique. And yes, we give you complete step by step directions on how you too can become a pro at opening a Chicco stroller, without any struggle!

Do all Chicco Strollers work the same?

While almost all the Chicco strollers featured here have almost the same mechanism to open and close, the Chicco Urban modular stroller is the one that opens a little differently.

How to fold the Chicco strollers (QUICK-FOLD Feature):

Depending on the exact kind of Chicco stroller that you have, take a look below and see how to open and operate each of the Chicco strollers in their individual way:

1. The Chicco Liteway Stroller

  • One of the best features of the No products found. is that you can easily change the back rest into five different and comfortable positions as per your baby’s age, comfort level and preference. The best part is that you can easily do this by just using one hand.
  • The Liteway stroller has a small foot pedal that is located right at the back of the stroller, behind one of the legs.
  • While the stroller is open and in place, all you have to do is first activate the foot release by placing your foot near the lever at the back and giving it a slight push upwards. This will release the locks that hold the stroller in place. Once you have done that, you will notice a small foot pedal right above it. All you have to do is to push up on this foot pedal with your foot. The stroller will immediately get in a folding position and close in on the front, making it very easy for you to just pick up the entire stroller with one hand and transport it from one place to another, just by pulling on the handles and making it move on the wheels.
  • As it folds into a very compact piece, you can also easily store it anywhere. 
  • If you want to unfold the stroller and get it ready for use again, you will have to release the side latch, then push downwards on the small foot pedal that you used earlier and give the stroller a little shake till the stroller opens up and can be set up properly again. 

2. The Chicco Bravo Stroller

  • This Chicco stroller comes with a detachable car seat that you can easily place in the stroller or take out when you need to use it in the car for baby.
  • The Chicco Bravo stroller  has the Quick Fold as well as the self-standing feature that make it very easy for parents and caregivers to go ahead with hands-free off-loading as well as on-loading.
  • Not only is it easy to fold up this stroller, but you can also take out the car seat from the stroller by just using one hand. All you have to do is hold and push up the button that is located at the back of the car seat when it is placed inside the stroller. This will release it from the stroller and you can get it out.
  • The stroller has a small handle in the middle of the seat area which is situated right under the seat cover. All you have to do is hold the handle and tug at it in an upward motion.
  • The stroller will immediately fall backwards and fold up and you can use the same handle to pick up the stroller with one hand and move it from one place to place, or just store it in a compact format.

3. The Chicco Viaro Stroller

  • The Chicco Viaro Stroller  comes with the easy to use one hand fold option and has a regular stroller, a car seat and a car seat base and is very easy to operate.
  • When the stroller is in a closed and folded position, all you have to do is hold it at one end and just pull it upwards.
  • The stroller will automatically open up and set itself in place.
  • It has a one hand latch that is located right in the middle of the stroller in the seat area.
  • When you want to close the stroller and fold it down, all you have to do is hold the latch with one hand and give it a tug, and the stroller will close on its own.
  • The baby car seat also has a

4. The Chicco Cortina Stroller

  • The Chicco Cortina Stroller  comes with a convenient one hand fold system as well as a one hand recline feature that makes it very easy to operate the stroller without putting it too much effort and even while you are holding baby or something else.
  • You have to tug a small button on the handle and then push upwards on a foot pedal that is situated at the back of the stroller, near the legs.
  • This will help to close up the stroller and make it really compact.
  • To open the stroller, all you have to do is push the handles downwards and pull up the handle attached. This will release the stroller from the closed mode and you can shake it forward to open and bring back in its usual setting. 

How to fold CHICCO URBAN MODULAR Stroller:

The Chicco Urban modular stroller is a little more difficult to open up, as compared to the other strollers that we talked about earlier.

  • 1
    To open it, you have to hold the sides of the stroller with both hands and then pull them upwards.
  • 2
    Once the handles start coming up, you also have to hold the base and pull it backwards to open it up.

Which Chicco stroller is easiest to use?

how to open chicco stroller youtube

Out of all the Chicco strollers mentioned here, the one that is easiest to open and close and also has the best features with multiple use options is clearly the Chicco Bravo stroller.

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