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Badger Basket Pretend Folding Triple Doll Stroller for 18 inch Dolls - Pink/Polka Dots
  • This item is a toy and is not intended for use with real babies.
  • Triple doll stroller for taking three favorite dolls or stuffed animals on pretend outings together
  • Stroller folds for travel or storage and has fun features like a padded handle, adjustable canopy, seat belts and...

Are you looking for a baby doll stroller toy for your little girl, or as a gift?

Do you want to know if the triple baby doll strollers are better than the regular singular ones?

Are you wondering if this is going to be a good choice and if there is any real benefit of buying a toy like this?

Whether you are a parent, a family member or are looking for a toy for gifting a little child, knowing what will make the baby happy and will also be a good or beneficial toy can take quite a lot of thinking. In fact, when it comes to choosing something that a little girl can use with her dolls, things can get even trickier. Not just safety and use, you also have to be careful that what you are buying will teach something and help the child in some way. Sounds like a lot? Then we are here to help!

In fact, while we will review 2 popular baby doll strollers in this article today, we will also share with you a lot of additional information that will show you how this kind of a toy can teach the child something, and what are the specific features you should watch out for. So, if this is the toy you are thinking of buying, or want to know more about, this is the article you should be reading.

Are doll strollers good toys to give little girls?

Almost all little girls love to play with dolls, so buying a doll stroller can be a great idea, as it can be the perfect accompaniment to the little girl’s doll. Not just as a regular toy, the good thing about buying a doll stroller is that it can also teach quite a few things to the child, instead of being just another toy.

2 triple baby doll stroller toys sold on Amazon

Option #1

Badger Basket Triple Doll Stroller – Pink Polka Dots (fits American Girl dolls)

Badger Basket Pretend Folding Triple Doll Stroller for 18 inch Dolls - Pink/Polka Dots

This triple doll stroller  is a great way to take dolls or even other toys outdoors or just play in the house and engage in some pretend play. The stroller has a padded handle that will keep the child’s hands comfortable and will not add any stress. This offer also has an adjustable canopy as well as a seat belt and a front foot rest that will make it easier for your little girl to safely tuck the doll in. The stroller can be folded while traveling and makes it easier to carry around. The stroller can be easily wiped and cleaned and you can also either do a spot clean or give it a proper hand wash. This choice is ideal for children aged 3 till 12.



  • The overall dimensions of this stroller are length 26 inches X width 12 inches X height 25.5 inches.
  • This option can easily carry a doll or toy up to the height of 18 inches each.
  • Compatible with dolls such as American Girl, Our Generation, My Life As, WellieWishers, Madame Alexander, Bitty Baby and so on.
  • Safety belt
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Foot rest
  • Three separate spaces for each doll
  • Canopy can be folded back for easy access to dolls

What we liked:

The fact that it folds up in a very compact manner and is very easy to carry around.

What could be improved:

The quality of the fabric and the wheels could have been better.


  • Foam cover on handles makes it comfortable for little children.
  • Adequate space for each doll.
  • Easy to push.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to place dolls in or out.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Folds in a compact shape.
  • Back to back seating convenient.


  • Wheels are not very sturdy.

Option #2

Mommy & Me TRIPLET Doll Pram Back to Back with Swiveling Wheels & Free Carriage Bag – 9668A

This triple baby doll carrier stroller is a cosy way to move around with your baby’s little dolls or other stuffed toys, whether outdoors or inside the house itself. This particular stroller is very easy to use as well as very easy to fold, and will be convenient to fold and pack up even when you are traveling with your baby and her dolls. This option is made of top quality fabric and materials that have been tested to make sure that they do not contain any lead. Every doll seat has a separate safety seat belt which means that the dolls will not fall out and your baby won’t have to keep putting them back in the stroller. Also, just as a real replica of the stroller that mommy has, this doll stroller also has a basket in the bottom under the seat that will help your girl place her items as she takes her dolls out for a stroll.


  • The overall dimensions of this stroller are length 24 inches X width 15 inches X height 27 inches.
  • This offer can easily carry a doll or toy up to the height of 16 inches each.
  • Adjustable handles of up to 27 inches in height.
  • Swiveling wheels.
  • Separate safety belt
  • Three separate spaces for each doll

What we liked:

Most of the users feel that the height of the stroller is very convenient for young children to play with.

What could be improved:

The space for each doll does not seem very adequate and could be improved by adding a little more space.


  • Very easy to assemble, only need to attach wheels.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Dolls fit in without too much struggle.
  • Handles are adjustable.
  • Height of the stroller is perfect for small children.
  • Very easy to move around.
  • Lightweight and easy for children to push.
  • Enough storage to keep child’s things.


  • Wheel lock system not as convenient to use.

Does pretend play help with children’s growth and development? How?

A baby doll stroller toy can be a great way to encourage the child to take part in pretend play, which is a wonderful way for the child to learn and develop. Here are a few ways in which pretend play can help your child:

  • It encourages social dialogue as well as negotiation skills.
  • It encourages the child to observe, think and plan.
  • Pretend play improves vocabulary, clear thinking as well as the ability to put thoughts into words.
  • There is coordination between thoughts and action.
  • It improves memory and improves imagination, creativity and cognitive abilities.

Does a triple baby doll stroller mean 3 times the fun compared to a single doll stroller?

Using a triple baby doll stroller means your little girl will get the chance to play with not only one doll, as compared to a single doll stroller, but with three dolls at the same time! Also, it means that more than one child can play with their dolls at the same time, and even if there is just one doll, the child can use the extra space in the stroller to carry the doll’s things, or maybe use other toys that can fit in.

If you are planning on gifting a baby doll stroller, getting a triple one is definitely better than getting a single doll stroller.

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